The EDIA Cosmetics For Hair Professional Series combines traditional training and instructional technology for the enhancement of cosmetology.

EDIA Professional series is based on tools, techniques and terminology used to increase the mindshare of industry professionals using EDIA’s product line and application delivery.

Stylists that take the still life course by EDIA Cosmetics For Hair will receive training and development as well as presentation skills This will help the following:

Create more passion for day-to-day procedure as a salon artist / Over the years in this industry we’ve noticed that stylists become burned out. We feel that changing the approach will help to give stylists a fresh point of view on working in the industry.

Transition visuals from mind to actuality / for hair artists there are a ton of creations floating in ones mind. To help those creations evolve, the still-life educational suite will enhance the ability to break down the vision systematically, thus making the cut/style feasible and salon viable.